Introducing the 4th Bi-Annual European women inventors & innovators network exhibition, conference & awards ceremony 27—28 November 2013, The Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden.


On behalf of GWIIN and QSave Sweden, we invite you to join us for a showcase and programme rich in content with lots of opportunities to learn more about existing policies and practises which support and assist the many creative and scientific inventions and innovations by women in Europe and beyond. Areas of discussions will cover intellectual property rights, business intelligence, research and development, equity and commercialisation, access to funding and various other existing opportunities. GWIIN is working in collaboration and in partnership with QSave and partners in Sweden in staging the EUWIIN 2013 event in Stockholm, Sweden. Over 100 delegates are expected at the 4th Bi-Annual International Expo, Conference and Awards Ceremony, the most informative occasion for promoting inventive and innovative women in Europe and the international world.”

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